In this personal web site you will find a short summary of my research interests, project notes, and other activities that interest me at the time of writing. If you ever want to get in touch, please do not hesitate to do so! I am always very happy to talk about various topics, from science to other more general concepts.

In short, my work is focused around the development of new methods within the Bayesian Statistics framework. These range from doing feature selection to developing new inference approaches for Bayesian computation. All of these can be understood from the perspective of developing a robust and more automated workflow for Bayesian modeling and reasoning.

One of my current projects focuses on extending and developing projpred, an R package to perform Bayesian variable and structure selection over a Bayesian reference model. Other projects involve making variational inference more robust, working on non linear variable selection and interactions exploration with Gaussian Processes, etc. You can find out more details taking a look at my CV.